My stomach is so happy, she thinks I’m on vacation.

Shana A., Pumpkin Chicken Soup / Curry Chicken, Thousand Oaks, CA

I think it was the best of all the ones I’ve tried so far. The level of spiciness was perfect. It has a kick but not overpowering all other flavors. Overall, a great balance of flavors! And I love how it doesn’t dry out even after microwaving it.

Jeff D., Jerk Chicken, Oxnard, CA

If you love Filipino food, this is amazing. Always fresh and so great. Just does not get any better than this!

Jeff B., Wim's Pinoy Recipes, Lake Elsinore, CA


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PEPPERPOT - in honor of Guyana 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾 51st Independence Day, here's our National Dish. A perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and awesomeness. Not everyone can make a good pot of pepperpot, even if they are Guyanese. I've tasted a lot of boo-boo out there, trust. I don't use pork for my recipe, only beef, cow foot, and Oxtail. A tasty pot of this deliciousness will glue your lips and fingers together, put a smile on your face, and you can potentially clear a room if you don't clinch those butt cheeks! 😂😂😂What?! Don't embarrass yourself. We'll give it on the menu during the Christmas Holidays. #pepperpot #guyana #independenceday #caribbeanhaven ... See MoreSee Less

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#tbt My son, Jameel, on left and his cousin, Joshua, on right. Josh's dad is Haitian. Fitting photos since we're celebrating Guyana 🇬🇾 Independence Week and Haiti 🇭🇹 Flag Day was last Thursday. It's been a couple of months since I gave you all a business update. Last time I updated, I was stressed, to say the least. Stress is not my forte, so I had to find ways to cope. I got back into the gym very hard and decided I needed to take things one day at a time. When I last left off, I had to find investors as the project was/is sapping every last penny out of me and to get to the finish line, opening day, I had to take on investors as I was $75K short of my goal. I started to fund raise and I was able to acquire $50K. The remaining $25K, my partner and I will use some of our rainy day funds to make up the shortfall. We would rather fund it ourselves than take out a loan. It appears all is well on the money tip. But, I've learned since I started this process, there's always something else that cost money that wasn't on the list.
I'm also happy to inform you that my Architect submitted all the plans to the City of Ventura, Landlord, and the Health Department to get the final approval to start renovation on the space. It's a 2 months approval process, so we don't expect approval until late June. I had no idea it took so long to open a restaurant, but now I know, and I'm smarter and wiser for it. When I started this process I consulted with a Restaurant Consultant for advise to guide me through the process. He told me, "You need to do it yourself, instead of hiring someone to help you." Almost 1 year later, I totally get it. The experience and knowledge I've gained doing it myself and making mistakes are invaluable and will make the next restaurant opening that much smoother and cost effective. I thank him for the advise and not doing a damn thing for me. LOL. The best thing he could have done for me and the business. So, if everything goes as planned or almost to plan, the grand opening should be in September or no later than October 1st. It can't be later than October per my lease. Stay tuned for exact date. #CaribbeanHaven
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PINEAPPLE TARTS (Pine Tart) - Guyana 🇬🇾 Independence Week continues. Within every culture they are certain pastries that people hold dearly. Pine Tart is one those for Guyanese folks and my personal favorite. I LOVE it like no other! I took this picture almost two years ago, but never felt moved to post it. BTW, I never plan my posts. I go with the flow, let my instincts take over that day, and run with it. I'm glad I saved it because it fits the narrative for the week. Why Pine Tart? I mentioned yesterday I learned how to cook and make pastries from my Auntie Audrey. Pine Tart was the first pastry I learned how to make. On weekends I would make 100s of these and delivery them to the restaurants. My claim to fame was actually Sponge Cake. I made the best Sponge Cake in the City. I also make some mean Cheese Straws! I delivered most of the the items we produced. Coming full circle, when I moved to the USA, my first job was Delivery Man for Uno's Restaurant at the South Street Seaport. I had experience. LOL. I quickly worked my way up to Head Cook on weekends. A brotha had to go to school during the week. I had an affinity for school and books in my earlier years and my first priority was always school. I'm glad I had my priorities right because it lead to 2 Ivy League degrees and Certification from Cornell and Harvard. Y'all have you a high priced Chef! 💯💯💯 #caribbeanhaven #guyana #independence #week #pastries ... See MoreSee Less

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CRAB SOUP - continuation of Guyana 🇬🇾 Independence Week and featuring dishes dear to Chef Bob's and his childhood. (You may all have noticed when I write my posts I speak in the 1st and 3rd person.) When my mom immigrated to the USA in 1981 with my sister, she left the boys, 4 of us, in the care of my uncle Paddy (Percy). In reality, my older brothers were really our caretaker as my uncle was always working. My two eldest brothers were 18 and 16, and you can't expect these bulls of raging hormones to take good care of two young boys. My mom found out we were not being cared for very well and sent us to her best friend, Audrey, in Kitty, Georgetown. My dad was around but he was too busy with his yung ouman frends, like literally. The next 1.5 years was spent with my pregnant Auntie Audrey, her two daughters, and drunken boyfriend (soon to be father). It was at Auntie I learned to cook and bake pastries. She owned a catering business. Auntie took very good care of me and my brother, Al, but we weren't happy because she was too protective. She didn't want us going any where because I don't think she could have lived with herself if anything happened to us while mom was in the States. We didn't understand that at the time. It was a very eventful year and a half for my brother and I. Book material! Auntie and her boyfriend fought a lot because of his drunkenness. My fondness memory of him was bringing crabs home every weekend, and Auntie made the best Crab Soup ever made on earth, at least that's what I remembered. Tastiest soup I've ever had to date. So, in memory of my late Auntie Audrey and Uncle Berthrum, I present you Caribbean Haven's Crab Soup. The base of the soup is made of a lightly spiced seafood broth, then layered with callaloo and okra. I finished the pot by adding the crabs. I hope I represent them well! #caribbeanhaven #guyana #independence ... See MoreSee Less

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