My stomach is so happy, she thinks I’m on vacation.

Shana A., Pumpkin Chicken Soup / Curry Chicken, Thousand Oaks, CA

I think it was the best of all the ones I’ve tried so far. The level of spiciness was perfect. It has a kick but not overpowering all other flavors. Overall, a great balance of flavors! And I love how it doesn’t dry out even after microwaving it.

Jeff D., Jerk Chicken, Oxnard, CA

If you love Filipino food, this is amazing. Always fresh and so great. Just does not get any better than this!

Jeff B., Wim's Pinoy Recipes, Lake Elsinore, CA


Tat Noodles w/ lots of stuff. LOL. Hey man, I ate like the Romans, I didn't say I speak like them. I swear, I must have gained like 5-6 lbs this past week. #hongkong #caribbeanhaven #nomorefood #Iamgettingfat ... See MoreSee Less

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MACAU. A day in the life...
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Tired of Chicken? How about PORK WONTON WITH CHILI OIL - not the actual chili pepper but the oil extract. That means it's incredibly spicy, even hotter than the Spicy Chicken I posted a few days ago. Glad I had a mango smoothie at hand to ease the pain! Despite the spiciness, this is the tastiest dish I've had thus far. Courtesy of Tea Wood, a Taiwanese restaurant. #caribbeanhaven ... See MoreSee Less

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Food at its best! The #1 reason why I love to travel. If your country doesn't have tasty cuisine, you probably won't see Chef visiting. Want to guess which continent Chef tries to avoid? This is a 🔥🔥🔥 ROASTED CHICKEN. The kids loved it! They even included the head to show you it's a chicken. Lol. #hongkong In the middle of the madness. #caribbeanhaven #vacay ... See MoreSee Less

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You may have wondered, why Hong Kong for a family vacation? Well, now you have your answer, Hong Kong Disney! Plus, they have tons of other kids activities. I'm pooped out from spending the day in Disney today. It hot nah rass out dey bai! #hongkongdisneyland #caribbeanhaven #filipino #caribbean #westindian #foodie #foodporn #foodstagram #foodgasm #805 #805living #ventura #oxnard #camarillo #italfood #latinfood #caribbeanfood #filipinofood #philippines #venturacounty #catering #veganfood #authenticislandcuisine #restaurantcomingsoon ... See MoreSee Less

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